Raad Rehabilitation Roof Park

Location: Tehran, Iran

Iran-Iraq War in 1980 caused the rate of physical disable people in Iran to increasing so fast. Raad Rehabilitation NGO was established in 1984 to promote the cause of the physically disabled community. Their main goal was to bring this isolated group of the community back to their society. Ra’ad is trying to gather them to teach them skills based on their abilities, which they can use to help them to get back their community. From 2009 I start working in this organization as a volunteer and have been working for and with the physically disabled people.
The existing building is designed and used for this manner was built in 1984 and it was not considering the disabled people’s needs while designing it. Also, the building is so isolated from the rest of its context which is exactly against what Ra’ad goals are. As an architect and a volunteer, I taught that this complex would have been
benefit from a new building that can address the wishes of this group of people.
The major concept of this project was to connect this organization with a public audience as much as possible. Therefore having public spaces which can be accessible for disabled and normal people at the same time, besides other programs needed for the organization. The whole public programs added, such as café or gallery will be running by the disabled people themselves, and they will present their products that they have been taught to make in the organization. They will practice feeling like a normal citizen in this complex. Furthermore, in this project, there is no place in which disabled people cannot reach it on their own. The whole project is consists of various levels of ramps that give access to different parts of the building as well as sets of elevators. In this way, disabled people are just like the public and would not be isolated. It is a disabled-friendly complex in every detail of it, indoor and outdoor.