Flotsam & Jetsam

Location: Toronto Beach, Canada
Team Members: Nicola Augustin, NegarBehzad, Anne Cheung, Bryce Clayton, Catherine Cohen, Mona Dai,
Sarah Donaldson, Parshan Fatehi, Allegra Friesen, Golnaz Jamshidi, Carly Kandrack, Ryan Pagliaro, Elida
Pletikapic, Alexandra Sermol, Kirsten Sheppard-Neuhofer, Eric Sviratchev, Joel Tremblay and Danny Wei

Flotsam & Jetsam is designed to engage with its visitors as a playful and poignant fixture in the Toronto beaches’ landscape. As one approach from the vantage of the city the 20-foot high colorful sculpture generates curiosity and invites a closer look. Upon arriving at the station, however, Flotsam & Jetsam is not what it first appears. The installation reveals the realities of plastic consumption, resulting waste and its effects on the aquatic biodiversity of the planet we share.
Constructed from cubes of metal mesh, approximately 20 feet high the fish will tower over the visitor ensuring that it is highly visible along the beach. The bottom-most layers of the mesh structure will be weighted to provide a foundation in order to resist the wind or snow loads. To achieve the colorful, textured finish the mesh cubes will be filled with recycled plastic collected from the local community. The materials employed in the design are completely reusable and recyclable.